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The Sun Dance

The warrior dances proud and strong
and it matters not what they do to his body
for they can not take his mind, his spirit,
he still dances
the skull of the buffalo is heavy
and he pulls the load with pride
pierced and bleeding
no crown of thorns
there is honor in his steps
and the sun shines strong

There are noble warriors that look
look beyond
and the dance is more than the steps of one
the time is near, the day has begun
and remember the feast to come
when the dance is done

It is not in vain, that torture, the sacrifice the pain
the death of the princess may make two brave men
a part of thier mother to remain with them
It brought down Westminster and the candle has a flame
the time is drawing nearer, though the warrior still remains
remember that concrete and steal can not contain
the time for the tethers to break is at hand
and the Thunderers come
and the Thunderers are calling
From the tree- the dancer freed
No holding a warriors spirit

Take the time - Annas hands - they still remain
there is no wall, and there is no shame
to hold your head high and make your peace
the concrete is solid , but the soul it can't keep
The dancers are dancing - the eagle whistles blow
and the fire is stoked by friends as you go
remember the feast that is after the dance
when the warrior is free, the sacrifice made
the price is paid and more remain
to carry the dance on once again
the circle unbroken
the time is at hand
a warrior ,a spirit,
a soul- yet a man
he is just a man
but he is a man
all that is needed
if one will but stand!